COVID-19 Safety Protocols for UK Classes

The government’s permission for us to re-open has been granted providing we adhere to the directives they have outlined. The safety of both students and instructors are of paramount importance to us, and we’d like to re-assure you that a series of modified training protocols have been created that exceed the expectations set out by the government. Here is an outline of these changes:

  • Until further notice, there will be no physical contact between students.  All close-quarter partner work will be suspended, including sparring and the use of kick shields, punching bags etc.
  • The combined number of students allowed inside the hall will not exceed the limits outlined by the Government and we will maintain the recommended distance between students training.
  • A complete attendance sheet is generated for every class so that we have accurate records of every person who enters the hall. We also possess full contact details of all GKR Karate members should there ever be a need to implement tracing protocols.
  • Entrance and exit of students/parents will be managed by the class instructors in order to avoid groups of people congregating before or after class.
  • Cleaning hands before and after class will become our regular protocol. Hand sanitizer will be available at each class and students will also be encouraged to bring their own.
  • There will be no hand-shaking (we bow anyway) or sharing of drink bottles/towels.
  • Students will all be told to stay home if they are feeling unwell.
  • This Covid-19 safety checklist will be displayed in each of our classes.

In the coming months, we will continue to stay in-step with any updated health advisories and will hopefully be in a position to resume a full range of training activities very soon. We’re in no rush though – like everyone, our goal is to contribute to the broader Covid-19 recovery in every way possible and there’s still plenty of excellent training drills we can do in the meantime.

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