1. GKR Karate has developed a Privacy Policy in accordance with the requirements and principles of the Commonwealth Privacy Act (The Act).

2. The proper legal description of GKR Karate is GKR Karate Australia Pty Ltd, registered office 4/191 Pulteney Street Adelaide, South Australia 5000.

3. The act requires us to provide further information if required about the way GKR handles the personal information of members. This can be obtained by writing to GKR Karate National Office, 4a Fisher Street, Port Adelaide, SA 5015.

4. The personal information of members, such as name, address and contact details are used to enable GKR Karate to make contact with members and provide them with information from time to time. If a member becomes a GKR Karate Instructor, this member’s information will be used to assist in the Instructor Accreditation Program.

5. GKR Karate does not disclose any information concerning its members to any other organisation.

6. If a person does not provide GKR Karate with the personal information we request, we are unable to process the information necessary to enable a person to become a member of GKR Karate.

For further clarification, please contact your Zone Director or the Support Centre.

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