Tips for Returning to Karate Training for Kids

Woman in a GKR Karate gi with a green karate belt holding both thumbs up above an article on returning to karate training. The text on the image reads "Top tips for returning to the dojo".

Getting back into karate after a break can be exciting, but it might also be a little bit scary. Here are some tips to help you feel confident and ready to get back on the mat!

Start Slow

It’s important to take it slow when you start training again after a break. You might feel a little bit sore at first, but that’s okay. Just keep moving and try to do a little bit more in each class.

Ask for Help

If you’re not sure how to do something or if you’re feeling a little bit nervous, don’t be afraid to ask your Sensei for help. They are there to help and support you and will always be happy to give you a hand.

Our Online Dojo also contains an on-demand library of Kata videos that can complement your in-class training.

Set Goals

Think about what you want to achieve in karate. Maybe you want to learn a new kata or get better at a certain technique. Write your goals down and keep them somewhere you can see them. That way, you’ll always know what you’re working towards.

Train With a Friend or Family Member

Training with a friend can be a lot of fun! You can help each other out, cheer each other on, and have someone to talk to during breaks.

Going to karate classes with your family can also be a fun way to spend quality time together. Plus, you can show off the new techniques you’ve learned to each other after class!

Take Breaks

If you’re feeling tired or a little bit overwhelmed, it’s okay to take a break. Just step back for a few minutes, take some deep breaths, and then jump back in when you’re ready.

Enjoy the Journey

Remember that karate is a journey, not a race. You don’t have to be the best right away. Just have fun, be proud of yourself, and enjoy the process of learning and growing.

Get Ready to Have Fun!

Returning to karate after a break can be a little bit challenging, but with these tips, you’ll be ready to have a blast! Find your nearest dojo and get back into your karate journey today!

If you recently received an email from us, make sure you use the links provided in the email to reactivate your membership so our Instructors can get you up and running quickly. We look forward to welcoming you back to the dojo soon!

Why GKR Karate?

GKR creates the right environment for our members to train in. Although we promote self defence and fitness, our style also fosters positive values, confidence, discipline, focus and well being. GKR teaches you not only how to punch and kick, it teaches you to be a better person.

We encourage students of all ages, from all walks of life to join our club and be part of the supportive ‘family’ that is GKR Karate.

  • Self Defence
  • Weight Loss
  • Focus
  • Family
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