Josh Nixon, Australia

Welcome to the first chapter of our ‘GKR Stories’ series.  This week, we hear the amazing story of Josh Nixon, who is an instructor and student from Brisbane, Australia. Josh shares his courageous journey after a life-changing injury and the inspirational measures he has taken to continue on his karate pathway.  Learn more about Josh’s incredible story below…


“About 10 years into my karate journey, in the middle of covid, I sustained a back injury that led to permanent nerve damage in my right leg, which has left me unable to walk without a cane and having to use a wheelchair for any distance over about 500 metres.

Despite effectively losing a limb, I have adapted my karate to suit my inabilities, and have modified our entire GKR curriculum to fit with using a cane: all 15 kata and the entire grading syllabus (not to mention all of the bunkai, training drills, and combinations that I have developed). I also graded to my 3rd Dan Black belt on my cane.

I still train three times a week, teach my class every Friday and compete in every tournament I can – even though sadly I’m not allowed to participate in kumite and whack people with my cane.

My injury and disability hasn’t stopped me from doing karate, it’s made me adapt and overcome, identify where I’m strong and develop a functional method of karate that works in spite of what I’ve lost.

Karate has helped me develop my body, mind, and spirit, and has given me a lot of confidence – both before and after my injury – to know that I can tackle whatever comes my way. For me, my disability isn’t an excuse to limit myself, it’s a motivation to become greater and achieve more.”



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