Basic Defensive Terminology

Here you will find the pronunciation and meaning of various traditional basic defensive karate terms you might hear in class.

Uke (Oo-kay): Block

Jodan Age Uke (Joe-darn Arg-eh Oo-kay)
Upper Rising Block

Soto Uke (Soh-toh Oo-kay)
Outside Block
Also known as Soto Ude Uke (Outside Forearm Block)

Uchi Uke (Oo-chey Oo-kay)
Inside Block or Inside Hooking Block
Also known as Uchi Ude Uke (Inside Forearm Block) or Chudan Uchi Uke (Mid level Inside block)

Gedan Barai (Geh-darn Bar-rye)
Downward Block

Gedan Uke (Geh-darn Oo-kay)
Lower Block
Also known as Gedan Ashi Barai (Lower level sweeping block)

Chuge Uke (Chuh-geh Oo-kay)
Double Block or Body Groin Block
‘Chu’ coming from Chudan (mid level) and ‘Ge’ coming from Gedan (lower level)

Kake Uke (Kar-keh Oo-kay)
Hooking Block

Mawashi Uke (Ma-wash-ee Oo-kay)
Round Block

Shuto Uke (Shoe-toe Oo-kay)
Knife Hand block

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