Advanced Tournament Terminology

Here you will find the pronunciation and meaning of various traditional advanced tournament karate terms you might hear in class.

Aiuchi (A-ooch): Simultaneous scoring techniques

Aka (Uk-a): The red side opponent in kumite

Chui (Chew-ee): Warning

Enchosen Hajime (En-Koe- sen Ha-Jim-ae): Time extended, begin (after a draw)

Fukushin (Foo-koosh-in): Assistant Referee

Gogi (Go-gee): Consultation with Senior Tournament Referee

Hansoku (Hun-sock-oo): Serious infraction leading to disqualification

Hansoku Chui (Hun-sock-oo Chew-ee): Warning with a full point penalty

Hantei (Hun-tay): Judges decision

Hikiwake (Hi-key-wuck- ee): Tied scores

Ippon (Ip-pon): One step or one full point

Jikan (Ji-karn): Referee’s call to timekeeper to stop the clock during kumite bout

Jogai (Joe-guy): Exiting the ring

Katsu (Cut-sue): To Win/Be Victorious

Keikoku (Kay-kock-oo): Warning with half point penalty

Kiken (Kick-en): Winning either by forfeit or where an opponent concedes

Mienai (Mayne-eye): Referee signaling they were unsighted during kumite bout

Moto No Ichi (Moto no ich): Referee calling competitors to enter the ring for kumite

Mubobi (Moo-bo-bee): Competitor showing undue care in kumite

No Kachi (No Kutch): Winner in a kumite bout

Shiai (She-eye): Tournament competition

Shiai Geiko (She-eye Gay- ko): Tournament practice

Shobu Ippon (Sho-boo Ip-pon): One point match

Shiro (Shi-row): Whiteside competitor in kumite

Waza Ari (Wu-za-ree): Half point in kumite

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