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One sure-fire way to get kids active is to make a game of things. These Karate number games require at least two people, so it can also double as a great family bonding experience!

Whilst these types of games are primarily for children, they are great fun for people of all ages.

Karate Number Games

Pick a number of karate techniques and assign a number to them, for example:

  1. Left leg side kick
  2. Do a tuck jump in the air
  3. Step to the right with a right arm head level block etc.

Start with a small amount of numbers, say four or five, and start introducing more once your child is confident with these. Pick a few techniques each, and be sure to include one or two you know your child may struggle with.

Have you child start from ready stance (Heiko-Dachi), and move quickly back after each technique.

Call a number and wait for your child perform the technique. Start the numbers in order until the technique for each number is memorised, then start mixing the numbers up.

Start with a slight pause between numbers, then speed up the count.

The goal is to see how long your child can last before making a mistake!

Example Moves

We’ve provided you with some example karate moves below, and you’re welcome to create your own!

  • Step forward left leg with a left arm lunge punch.
  • Step forward right leg with a right arm lunge punch.
  • Left leg side kick
  • Right leg side kick
  • Step to the right with a right arm head level block
  • Step to the left with a left arm body level hooking block
  • Do a tuck jump in the air
  • Two squat kicks from Sumo stance
  • Turn around and execute a right arm punch behind you
  • Turn around and execute a left leg front kick behind you
  • Drop into sumo stance and execute 3 fast punches

Benefits of Number Games in Karate

Focus: In general, karate training involves explaining what is to be done, then counting through. As number games mean kids don’t know what technique is to come until a number is called, it develops their ability to focus.

Reaction Time: Number games develop a child’s reaction time and reflexes.

Fun: By choosing a few difficult techniques, it gets them to practise the techniques they need to work on most in a fun manner.

Variety: By varying the game every few minutes, not only will it work up a sweat, it will find them practising almost all of their karate techniques – those they like and dislike.

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