GKR Karate 2018 NSW State Titles Results

16/9/2018 – Report by Sensei Mark Lendrum

4 Reasons why the NSW State Titles were unforgettable

The Kids

The level of sportsmanship shown at this tournament from the kids was Inspiring! Watching young kids just 5-7 years old high fiving, hugging and shaking hands after each round was amazing to watch and a great testament to the instructors who are teaching them. The skill level and focus was awesome as well and it was the little things that stood out. Things like green belts using pick-offs and well trained (and well controlled) combinations. I get so excited when I think about how good these kids are going to be in another 10 years of training the way they are going.

The Teams

The team events popularity has been growing at each regional tournament this year and having them all come together for the State Titles was the pinnacle with over 90 people entering team events alone! The cheering for each point, the jumping up and down from your team mates and the crowd, the not wanting to let your team down, this made for a great opening event.

The Officials

Besides being really, really, really, ridiculously good looking, our officials brought their ‘A’ game and really are the silent superstars of the day. We can’t thank them enough for their contribution in making sure our competitors had a fantastic tournament experience as well as making sure the whole event ran as smoothly as possible from start to finish. Officials, we salute you.

The Opens

The Junior and Senior opens are our showcase divisions and I’m sure what many of our younger students aspire to as they set the standard in skill level, commitment and intensity. If you need any motivation to train harder, just come and watch the Open divisions, seriously. They’ll not only inspire you to get better, they’ll show you what the next level looks like. These guys don’t think they just do, and they do with such speed, accuracy and control, it’ll take your breath away just watching them. Now I can’t wait to see the best from NSW face the best from around Australia at the National Championships in Melbourne and I’m hoping to get a front row seat.


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Sensei Mark Lendrum

GKR Karate NSW State Titles ActionGKR Karate NSW State Titles ActionGKR Karate NSW State Titles Action

GKR Karate NSW State Titles Action

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