Dear Students, Parents and Caregivers,

As you know, South East Queensland has moved back into lockdown and this is expected to be in place until at least Sunday afternoon 8th August. Hopefully, the latest outbreak will not be too serious and we’ll all be able to return to normal routines very soon. Fingers crossed!

Whilst we are unable to run classes in our dojos during this time, we have worked very hard over the last 6 months to create a full package of online home-training options for our students. This gives all of our members the opportunity to maintain a training schedule and stay karate-active during lockdowns.

All Queensland students will now have 2 exciting HOME training options to choose from during this lockdown:


Starting today, Monday 2nd August, we will be conducting LIVE karate classes via the ZOOM video platform. These classes will be taught by your local instructor group and will be open to all QLD GKR Karate students. All you need is a bit of space and an internet connection and you can be training in a LIVE class with your fellow students. These live online classes will run for the duration of the lockdown!

Click on the ZOOM TIMETABLE AND CLASS ACCESS button below and this will display all of the ZOOM classes running in your area. Once you’ve decided which class you’d like to attend, simply click on that class and this will take you directly to the online ‘waiting room’. The instructor will then admit you into the class as soon as they’re ready. Please arrive 10 minutes before the start time…. thank you.

** If you’re new to ZOOM, then please CLICK HERE for a quick guide on how to get set up.

Please note also that your attendance at any one of these Zoom sessions will count as a class attended on your training card. If you’ve not tried training in an online class yet, then give it a try. It’s a lot of fun!


We will also be granting every student access to the GKR Karate Online Dojo. Our Online Dojo contains over 120 fantastic home training videos that are suitable for children and adults of all grades. These videos are available ON DEMAND so you can train along with them at a time that suits you. Even though we hope the lockdown only lasts for a relatively short time, we will be providing you access to the Online Dojo for 30 Days!

Within the next 24 hours, you will receive an email granting you access to the Online Dojo and a separate email with your unique log-in number. There’s so much to watch and do on the site, and we encourage you to take advantage of it as much as possible. ENJOY😊

The frequency and unpredictability of these lockdowns makes it very difficult for many sections of the economy, with Fitness centres and Martial Arts schools being amongst those heavily impacted. With this in mind, we hope you can appreciate the need for us to now implement a nominal weekly training fee during lockdowns that is proportional to the services we are offering during those times.

This rate will be $15.00 per week per family. This represents a reduction for most students, especially for families whose fees will reduce by 60 – 70% as a result. If you are a long-term single student whose weekly training fee is equal to this already, then there will be no change to your rate.

Our direct debit provider requires 48 hours to initiate any bulk changes of this nature, so these fee adjustments will begin from this Wednesday the 4th August onwards. We will ensure you receive this $15/week per family reduced rate for a period of time that is equivalent to the lockdown’s duration.

We hope you can appreciate our commitment to provide an ongoing training routine for students during these lockdowns and are in a position to keep supporting us throughout these challenging periods. Thank you for your understanding.


We’ll be back in touch again when we receive updates from Queensland Health. Until then, we hope you will not be too impacted by this latest lockdown and look forward to seeing you online. Stay well!

Kind regards,


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