Queensland Class Update

Classes have resumed for Queensland students, so Zoom classes are no longer being offered. Click below to view the current in-class timetable for your region.

We hope to see you in the dojo soon!

Region 10 – Southern/Western Suburbs

Region 11 – Northern Suburbs

Region 29 – Eastern/Southern Suburbs



Zoom Tips and FAQ’s


  • Please click the link on the timetable to join your class. Arrive 10 minutes early to assist the class in starting on time.
  • You will be placed in a ‘virtual waiting room’ where your Sensei will check your details and confirm your access.
  • Please mute your audio unless you’re participating in a conversation.
  • If you’re on a computer or laptop using the Zoom app, you can switch between Speaker View and Gallery View by clicking the icon in the top right corner of your screen. Speaker view will only show the person speaking, and gallery view will show all participants (on multiple screens).
    If you’re on a phone, mobile device or using your web browser only, your view will be fixed on the active speaker.
  • What should I wear?
  • What device do I need to use?
  • Do I need any software?
  • Do I need a webcam or microphone?
  • I have a webcam/microphone but nobody can see/hear me
  • My connection is bad, what can I do to help it?

Access to the GKR Karate Online Dojo

Queensland students have been sent an email with all the necessary information to grant you access for a full month of access to our Online Dojo. Please note these home training videos are suitable for children and adults of all grades and are available ON DEMAND so you can watch and train along with them at a time that suits you.

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