We are excited to launch ‘GKR Stories’, a brand new platform that highlights examples of inspiration, transformation, or courage within our vast student group.

Everyone has a story to tell. We’ve heard accounts of amazing body transformations, of lifelong friends found in the dojo, and of incredible turnarounds in physical fitness and emotional resilience. Many have noted the positive flow on effect karate has had in their school or professional life, while others have found the courage to disconnect from unhealthy relationships or social situations.

Aside from these inspiring examples, there are those students who have been required to use their karate skills and assertive mindset to thwart a real-life physical threat. These unassuming and often humble everyday superstars are an immeasurable source of motivation to those around them, and we thought it was time to recognise their amazing accomplishments.

Available Stories:

Josh Nixon

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Jodie Sheppard

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