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Unlike many Direct Debit contracts, your agreement with GKR Karate is not a fixed term lock-in arrangement, and only requires 10 days’ notice to cancel (ie: your final payment will come out no more than 10 days after your notice to cancel is received). Please keep in mind that your existing training rate is fixed and will not increase whilst your current contract remains active. Cancelling your contract would mean that if you choose to return to training in the future then you would be required to pay the current rates at the time. Should you only wish to stop payments for a short time, we would recommend arranging a contract suspension instead, which will preserve your locked in training fee rate.

If you only wish to remove certain family members from your contract, please use our “Add/Remove Student” page here.

To arrange cancellation of your contract simply complete the form below and our Membership Support Team will action this request for you.

Please note your 10 day cancellation process will begin from the date your submission is received (unless otherwise indicated) and your GKR Karate Digital Training Pass will stay active right up until the end of your last payment period.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will my request take to action?
  • Can I still train during my 10 day notice period?
  • What happens if I wish to return?

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