Add or Remove a Family Member from Your Contract

GKR Karate offers the ability to add or remove family members from your existing direct debit contract.  To take advantage of this facility, please fill out the form below and we will email you confirmation once your request has been actioned.

Removing a family member:

Please note that your current training fee is locked in for the life of your contract and that removing a family member from the contract would mean that if they return to training in the future, they will be required to pay the current rates applicable at the time. For the family members who are continuing to train, we will reduce the training fee amount to the equivalent pricing option available at the time your contract was completed.

If you would only like to temporarily remove a family member (for less than 6 weeks) – we suggest using our Contract Suspension form.

Adding a family member:

If a family member is being added to the account, an additional direct debit amount for that family member or members (based on the current training fee rate) will be added to your existing training fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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