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Wow! What a spectacular weekend the GKR Karate World Cup 8 in Liverpool was. Three days of the absolute best competition that GKR has to offer.

Friday 3 July

It all started on Friday evening with the Kancho and the Lord Mayor of Liverpool officially opening proceedings. Then it was on to the Team Kata and Team Kumite competitions. This was a great way to start the weekend with some beautiful Team Kata and fast and furious Team Kumite action right from the start of the competition.

Saturday 4 July

On Saturday things got off to a brilliant start with the competitor run in and official opening ceremony. There were 20 competition rings running all day with some amazing effort being displayed all over the hall. Congratulations to everyone that won a medal over the weekend, especially our World Champions, fantastic effort!

Sunday 5 July

On Sunday things went up a notch with the start of the Open Junior and Senior events. The Open competitors showed just why we have some of the best karateka in the world! After the Open Heats we then relaxed for a few minutes to the beats of the ‘Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers’. Then came the fantastic demonstrations from GKR’s top International Instructors.

Shihan Stacey Karetsian opened proceedings with a self-defence demonstration and talk. Sensei Gavin Samin was up next with a group of five GKR UK Regional Managers to do a Bunkai demonstration of techniques from Taigyoku Nidan Kata. Shihan Stacey Karetsian then returned to do a kata demonstration which was amazing! Kancho Robert Sullivan then finished of the demonstrations with a Makawara and breaking demonstration, which was unbelievable!

Finally to finish the event were the Junior and Senior Open Finals! Some absolutely amazing kata was performed in the finals by our best of the best. Then the kumite was a real spectacle to behold with everyone coveting the chance to be a GKR World Cup Open Champion.

Lastly I would like to thank everyone who attended over the weekend for their dedication and commitment especially the officials for helping tirelessly throughout the weekend.  It was much appreciated!!

Sensei Andrew Ward
Assistant Tournament Director
GKR Karate International

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