UK – Central Championships Results


The University of Wolverhampton, Magdalene Road, Walsall WS1 3TA

The UK Central Championships were held at The University of Wolverhampton on Sunday 11th February 2024.

A message from the Tournament Director – Sensei Andy Hawley:
It is always exciting to welcome competitors, officials, and spectators to the first tournament of the year, but we were super excited to host the tournament at our brand-new venue for 2024, on a Sunday!
We bowed in at 9am and kicked off the events on all 8 rings shortly after. Junior Teams were first up on ring 1, followed by the Senior Black Belt Opens. In the male division, we saw Andrew Jones and Mike Barrett claim the golds in Kata and Kumite respectively. Females were up next which saw Sydney Quarterman take the gold in Kata and Sarah Wheelan in Kumite. In the Junior division, The gold was claimed by Thomas Hodgson and Emilia Mikolawjewska for Kata, alongside Beau Fuller and Poppy Daniel for Kumite.


From start to finish – the karate standard and skill on display was exceptional. It was great to see both competitors and spectators cheering each other on – the atmosphere was electric! Medal or not, getting in the ring and putting your karate to the test is commendable – you should be very proud of yourselves! I would like to thank our officials and support teams for their time and commitment to helping tournaments such as this one run smoothly and successfully – It is very much appreciated. Thank you to our spectators – the parents, the friends and the family members mostly for their enthusiastic cheerleading but also, in many cases, for their taxi services! Without your support, many of our junior students simply couldn’t compete. Our professional photographers, Quick Pics were in attendance capturing snapshots of your events. If you didn’t get chance to see your pictures or buy a memento on the day, you can do so by clicking here.
And finally, if you took any photos, or did and filming on the day, please share them to the Facebook page and use the hashtags #gkrcentral and #gkrkarate.

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