GKR Karate 2019 UK Championships


Ponds Forge International Sports Centre

Ponds Forge Sports Centre in Sheffield yet again hosted an action packed event which was the 2019 UK Titles on Saturday 16 November 2019.

As usual the arena was full of buzz and anticipation as competitors and spectators entered the building and began preparing for the day ahead.

When the music started pumping the competitors ran into the arena to a raucous applause from the crowd…a sign of the adrenaline fuelled excitement to follow.


With the children’s events happening on the outside mats the centre mats hosted the team events to start the day. There were some fantastic displays of karate skills and team work…very action packed.

Around the arena there were medals being awarded everywhere followed by winners standing on the podium for their photo opportunity.

The black belt divisions finished of the day and included some surprise winners but fully deserved

Many thanks to all the officials and staff who helped the day be the successful one it was……

I hope you enjoy the rest of 2019 and have some massive goals for 2020

See you all then

Sensei Karl Hughes
National Tournament Director

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