Seven karate students pose with joy after receiving their participation certificates. They are all dressed in white gis with black belts, and several have medals. Each student shows a different expression of happiness and pride. The dojo's walls are adorned with posters, and the gym setting includes a basketball hoop in the background, highlighting the community and sportsmanship spirit of the event

Why GKR Karate?

GKR creates the right environment for our members to train in. Although we promote self defence and fitness, our style also fosters positive values, confidence, discipline, focus and well being. GKR teaches you not only how to punch and kick, it teaches you to be a better person.

We encourage students of all ages, from all walks of life to join our club and be part of the supportive ‘family’ that is GKR Karate.

  • Self Defence
  • Weight Loss
  • Focus
  • Family
  • Respect
  • Friendships