2023 Australian National Championships Results


Logan Metro Sports Complex, 357 Browns Plains Road, Crestmead QLD 4132


Apart from our World Cup, the GKR National Titles is the biggest event on the GKR tournament circuit each year, which sees students and instructors from all over Australia come together ready to compete for a National Title.

These Tournament events are electrifying and this year’s 2023 National Titles which was held in Brisbane at the Logan Metro Sports Complex was no exception. With over 630 competitors focused and determined to put those countless hours of hard training and preparation into action, the events got underway throughout the 14 rings that circled around the competition floor. This year’s Nationals was extra special due to 4 important guests in attendance, Kancho Robert Sullivan, Kyoshi Gavin Samin, Kyoshi Anthony Ryan and Shihan Bob McCraken from the UK, not to mention all of our Zone Directors from Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom.

The Nationals Titles for 2023 was off to a great start with the Team Kata and Team Kumite events, which consist of teams from each State of Australia fighting it out for a placing in this major GKR Tournament. It wasn’t long before the events that a lot of students and spectators were waiting for got underway, and these are the Female and Male Junior and Senior Open Black Belt divisions. These events were very impressive with an excellent display of skills throughout their divisions. The noise of support and cheering was incredible as the finalist battled it out to take home the Australian National’s major titles.

From our young students’ events, through to our more senior events, the talent and sportsmanship that was displayed was very competitive and inspiring to everyone. A win or a loss didn’t change the comradery that was displayed by all our students as they congratulated each other.

A huge thankyou to all the staff, officials along with the Queensland Team for your efforts that help make this year’s Nationals Titles an event to remember.
Congratulations to all those who took on the challenge to compete, those that won medals and those that didn’t, you are all winners.

Mark Case
Tournament Director

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