GKR Karate Launches its ‘Stop Domestic & Family Violence’ Campaign to Provide Aid for Vital Support Services


GKR Karate is one of the world’s largest karate organisations with more than 36,000 active members throughout Australia, New Zealand and the UK. GKR has been empowering students from all walks of life to reach their maximum potential for over 40 years and their mission as a club is to provide a positive and inclusive training environment for all students.

Each year, GKR Karate aims to cast attention towards a specific community issue with a view to raising funds and awareness for the cause through various initiatives.

This year, GKR Karate has aligned with charities that assist domestic and family violence survivors across Australia, New Zealand and the UK. With the launch of their ‘Stop Domestic & Family Violence’ initiative, the club is rallying support to raise funds and awareness for their charity partners.

As strong advocates for non-violence and anti-bullying, supporting Domestic and Family Violence charities was a logical choice for Assistant Chief Instructor and International Vice President Gavin Samin.

“As martial arts instructors, we are committed to empowering vulnerable individuals and promoting a respectful training environment for all members within our karate community,”  Mr. Samin said.

“By aligning our organisation with the Domestic and Family Violence cause, we hope to provide additional support for those in need whilst re-affirming through our large network that physical violence or intimidation in any form is wrong.”

GKR is committed to providing valuable advocacy for our chosen charities as well as delivering both logistical assistance and financial support through our fundraising activities.

One of the major fundraising and advocacy campaigns taking place is the ‘Stop Domestic & Family Violence’ campaign where students are invited to purchase a special ‘Purple Belt’ to wear to class for the month of October. All money raised from the sale of the purple belts will go directly to Domestic and Family Violence charities to help survivors rebuild their lives.

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