GKR’s insurance provides coverage to all people under the care and control of GKR. This means both students and instructors, whether an injury occurs in class, special seminar or other event.

The insurance is negligence/fault based and what this means in practice is that all incidents are covered except for pure accidents where there is no negligence or contributory negligence. We remind all GKR participants of their responsibility to take all reasonable steps to avoid or minimise risk by adherence to GKR’s protocols and the use of safety equipment.

Instructors are covered for liability and can rely on GKR’s insurance to protect them from a claim. Additionally, there is member to member cover. This means that if an injury is caused by a student to another student, this is covered so long as it occurs in the course of the members’ participation in any GKR supervised class or activity.

GKR does not provide “no fault” sick and accident coverage for students as the premiums are very substantial. Furthermore many people have sick leave, medical insurance and private sick and accident cover and it would be unfair to ask these people to contribute through higher class fees (or yearly membership fees) towards those who chose to not have this form of cover. We expect that people who are engaged in an active sport are aware that from time to time accidents happen and therefore they choose to make whatever arrangements they deem appropriate to their circumstances.


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