The GKR Instructor Accreditation Program (IAP) provides you with the technical and teaching skills that will qualify you to hold an IGKF IAP Certificate of Accreditation that is acknowledged throughout GKR Karate International.


  • To have GKR Instructors accredited and qualified according to the IGKF / GKR ‘Quality Assurance Program’
  • To provide all GKR Instructors with the highest quality teaching standards.

IAP Provides

  • Full Access to GKR’s Instructor Only website
  • GKR/IGKF Instructor Accreditation certificate
  • Instructor ID card with National Registration
  • First Aid course
  • First Aid kit
  • Police and Working with Children checks (to satisfy all State/National legislation/regulations).

Instructor Benefits

On completion of the Accreditation Program, GKR Instructor’s receive the following:

  • Accreditation recognised in any GKR region (in all countries GKR holds classes)
  • Full online access to all GKR teaching manuals, video teaching and learning aids
  • Ongoing karate training with Senior Regional Instructor
  • Training seminars with Senior Zone and International Instructors
  • Discounted judging and refereeing seminars
  • Discounted training for immediate family members
  • Discounted GKR merchandise and training equipment
  • Free spectator entry to all GKR tournaments
  • Free Club Magazine (Shimbun).

N.B. The above discounts will come into effect at the point of accreditation.
(When you receive your Certificate and Accreditation I.D. card.)

Accreditation Levels (1-5)

Instructor Accreditation Program (IAP)

The program is designed to train and develop GKR certified Instructors.

Once you have become an accredited instructor, you will become an Assistant Instructor (Sempai) and be assigned a class so that you can gain experience and develop your teaching skills further. There is no set time period before you will become a Brnach Instructor. This will depend on your ability to take on the responsibilities of a Branch instructor (sensei), and it may also depend on when an appropriate class/dojo becomes available.

Level 1: 1 year instructor experience (Upon commencing / running your own class as Branch Sensei)
Level 2: 3 years instructing experience
Level 3: 5 years instructing experience
Level 4: 8 Years instructing experience
Level 5: 10 years instructing experience

The achievement of each Level will be certified with a Level certificate. This will be sent to the instructor via your Senior Instructor / Regional Manager, or the Support Center.

NB: It is important to note that the successful completion of the IAP does not automatically mean that a person has ‘passed’ this stage and is now a full instructor. This puts you on the /Sensei Training Program (STP) and until such time as you take on the role of a Branch Instructor, you are still on the STP and gaining experience as a ‘Sempai’. Once a Sempai has been given his/her own class to teach, they are no longer on the STP but now a Branch Instructor (Sensei).


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