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Dear Students and Parents,

We felt it was important to provide some clarity regarding recent Covid-19 safety updates announced by the government. There has been some concern that last Thursday’s announcement limiting social gatherings to no more than 6 people (commonly known as The Rule of 6), would automatically mean karate classes would be closed. The lack of detail in reporting this particular health update has understandably caused confusion, but please note that it DOES NOT APPLY TO OUR KARATE CLASSES😊.

We have sought advice from Sport England and also from our martial arts governing body (NAKMAS) in relation to this issue. Both have confirmed that people can continue to take part in organised sports and activities that have gone through strict Covid-19 protocols, without being subject to the Rule of 6 conditions. This is because our club has formal plans in place to reduce the risk of Covid-19 being spread, and the venues we hire are taking their own measures to do the same.

In case you’re unaware, here is an excerpt from our current GKR Karate Covid-safe plan:

  • No sparring, partner-work or close-up partner stretching
  • No kick shields or focus mitts in the dojo for the time being
  • Refrain from using a kiai
  • Wash hands before and after class (bring hand sanitizer + sanitizer provided at class)
  • No shaking hands in the dojo (bowing is great!)
  • Keep safe social distance from others in class of at least 1.5 metres
  • No congregating in groups before or after class (inside or outside)
  • If you need to cough or sneeze, please do so into your bent arm
  • Do not share drink bottles or towels with other students
  • If you’re feeling unwell then please stay home and rest
  • If you are required to isolate at any stage, please email our COVID support team at

Aside from the above, we are also making every effort to create adequate gaps between classes to avoid congestion, and we keep accurate records of all attendees at each class.


A number of students have asked recently if they are able to wear a mask during classes. Whilst this is by no means mandatory, the answer is YES. There is no restriction on the style or colour of mask that students can wear, and if they would like to purchase one of the last few GKR Karate Face Masks, then they can do so by CLICKING HERE. Be quick though, as we are almost sold out.

We will keep you up to date with any future government announcements and will continue maintaining a Covid-safe environment for all of our students and instructors. Thank you for your ongoing understanding and support.

GKR Karate

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