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SUBCATEGORY - GKR Karate Club Info
What is Karate
GKR Karate Grading Kata
GKR Karate Origins
GKR Karate Philosophy
GKR Karate Code of Conduct
GKR Karate Federation IGKF
GKR Karate Instructor Accreditation
GKR Karate Insurance
GKR Karate Career Opportunity
Frequently Asked Questions
GKR Karate Promo Video
GKR Karate Privacy Policy
SUBCATEGORY - GKR Karate for Everyone
Karate for Kids
Karate for Teens
Karate for Families
Karate for Men
Karate for Women
Karate for Seniors
SUBCATEGORY - Executive Committee
Robert Sullivan Founder
Gavin Samin IVP
Anthony Ryan
Bob McCracken UK ND
SUBCATEGORY - Zone Directors
Alex Pereda AUS
Mark Case AUS
Jason Knight AUS
Antonie de Bruin NZ
Ryan Marvin UK
Leke Prenga UK
Chris Brierley UK
Karl Hughes UK
Daniel Freer UK
SUBCATEGORY - GKR Karate in Australia
SUBCATEGORY - Regional Managers AUS
Gary Luxton QLD
Kelvin Trembath QLD
Peter Durrant NSW
Mark Lendrum NSW
Robert Zammit NSW
Edde Nio SA
Andrew Howell QLD
Daniel Raffo TAS
Greg Olsen ACT
Brett Vanderwiel VIC
Steve Shaw VIC
Peter Reeve VIC
Jason Knight VIC
Luke Carruthers VIC
Charmaine Agius NSW
James Gray SA
Renae Pinney NSW
Gavin Smith WA
Ashley Fleming NSW
Jan Lopez NSW
Cherie Fenlon NSW
Tabatha Ingle WA
Jenna Sinclair WA
SUBCATEGORY - Regional Managers NZ
Brad Sa'u Wellingon
Hayden Gwynne Auckland
Anthony Kaiaruna Christchurch
SUBCATEGORY - GKR Karate in the UK
SUBCATEGORY - Regional Managers UK
Chris Brierley Newcastle
Stuart Wiseman Reading and Slough
Piers Sparrow Manchester and Liverpool and Wigan
Daniel Eastman Gloucestershire
Lewin Tuckwell Kent
Saul Thomson Middlesbrough
Karl Hughes Sheffield
Mark Woods Bristol
Karl Hughes Stoke On Trent
Andrew Hawley Wolverhampton
Luke Church Coventry
Nicolas Jones Leicester
Ali Douieb South London and North Surrey
Asmat Nadiry Crawley and Brighton and Guildford
SUBCATEGORY - Regional Managers USA
Kristin Sawyer Houston


SUBCATEGORY - Introduction
The GKR Karate journey from beginner to Black Belt and beyond
SUBCATEGORY - GKR Karate Grading Criteria
What you need to know to advance through the GKR Karate belt grades
SUBCATEGORY - Grading Information
Frequently asked questions about GKR Karate grading criteria
SUBCATEGORY - You May Feel Like Youre Not Improving
Inspiration to help overcome the Karate Plateau
SUBCATEGORY - Break Through The Boredom Barrier
Ideas to Help Keep your Karate Fresh
SUBCATEGORY - Does Empty Hand Mean No Weapons
Explore the True Meaning of Karate
SUBCATEGORY - Kata Is A Tree With Many Branches
Kata Is A Path To Self Mastery
SUBCATEGORY - Beware Of The Autopilot
Always be Aware Of Your Surroundings And Stay Alert
SUBCATEGORY - Enjoy Your Journey
Focus on The Path Ahead Rather Than The Destination

CATEGORY - White Belt 10th Kyu

SUBCATEGORY - Introduction
Information about GKR Karate White Belt 10th Kyu
World Cup 5 Male Kata Winner
WC5 Male Kata Finalists
Kumite Video
SUBCATEGORY - We Are With You All The Way
Our goal is to help you in any way we can
SUBCATEGORY - The Benefits of Karate
Self Defence Fitness Energy Vitality
SUBCATEGORY - Japanese Traditions
GKR Karate preserves Japanese Karate Traditions
SUBCATEGORY - White Belt Curriculum
The basic strikes blocks kicks and stances
SUBCATEGORY - Introduction to Stances
The five basic GKR Karate Stances
Standing Bow
Sitting Bow
Stance Ready
Stance Forward
Stance Horse Riding
Stance Sumo
SUBCATEGORY - Introduction to Strikes
There are seven basic GKR Karate strikes
Basic Strike Stomach Punch
Basic Strike Head Punch
Basic Strike Front Back Fist
Basic Strike Side Backfist
Basic Strike Short Punch
Basic Strike Rising Elbow
Basic Strike Round Elbow Strike
SUBCATEGORY - Introduction to Blocks
There are Five basic GKR Karate blocks
Basic Block Head
Basic Block Hook
Basic Block Outside
Basic Block Downward
Basic Block Sweeping Groin
SUBCATEGORY - Introduction to Kicks
There are four basic GKR Karate kicks
Kick Front
Round Kick
Side Kick
Back Kick
SUBCATEGORY - The Karate Grading System
A grading system is a great way to have progress recognized
SUBCATEGORY - White Belt Kids
Hey kids welcome to GKR Karate
SUBCATEGORY - Frequently Asked Questions
Please contact us if you need more info
SUBCATEGORY - Health and Nutrition Hints
GKR Karate hints to a healthier lifestyle

CATEGORY - Yellow Belt 8th Kyu

SUBCATEGORY - Introduction
Information about GKR Karate Yellow Belt 8th Kyu
SUBCATEGORY - Introduction to Kata
Kata extends well beyond an art form
SUBCATEGORY - Introduction to Kata VIDEO
Kata Intro Video
SUBCATEGORY - Gaining a Deeper Understanding of Kata
Once you have instinctive ability your mind is free
SUBCATEGORY - First and Second Kata
Taigyoku Shodan and Taigyoku Nidan
Front View First Kata Taigyoku Shodan
SUBCATEGORY - First Kata Technical Checklists
Checklists to help you hone your First kata
Front View 2nd Kata
SUBCATEGORY - Second Kata Technical Checklists
Checklists to help you hone your Second kata
SUBCATEGORY - Kata Home Practice
Practice your Kata in super slow motion
SUBCATEGORY - History of First and Second Kata
Karate was originally only taught to one or two carefully selected students
SUBCATEGORY - Taigyoku Kata Lineage to GKR
GKR Karate derives its version directly from Shotokan
SUBCATEGORY - An Introduction to Kumite
Yellow Belt means you can commence your journey to Kumite
SUBCATEGORY - Relationship Between Kihon and Kumite
One of karates key goals is to equip us for self defence
SUBCATEGORY - Relationship Between Kata Kumite and Self Defence
Kata and Kumite actually work hand in hand to equip us for self defence
Learn more about Kumite Sparring
SUBCATEGORY - Grading Requirements for 7th Kyu Orange Belt
The minimum requirement is 24 classes and 3 months

CATEGORY - Orange Belt 7th Kyu

SUBCATEGORY - Introduction
Information about GKR Karate Orange Belt 7th Kyu
SUBCATEGORY - Advanced Strikes VIDEO
Advanced Strikes Shuto Uchi Outside
Advanced Strikes Shuto Uchi Inside
Advanced Strikes Haito
Advanced Block Double Block
Advanced Block Open Hand Hooking Block
Advanced Block Round Block
Advanced Block Knife Hand Block
SUBCATEGORY - Introduction to Advanced Stances
It is important to be well grounded during combat
SUBCATEGORY - Advanced Stances VIDEO
Advanced Stance Hour Glass
Advanced Stance Cat
Advanced Stance Back Leaning
SUBCATEGORY - Introduction to Kata Saifa
Kata Saifa will take you through your next two grades
Introduction to Kata Saifa
Front View Saifa
SUBCATEGORY - Saifa Technical Checklists VIDEO
Saifa 1 6
Saifa 7 8
Saifa 13 15
Saifa 20
SUBCATEGORY - Saifa Home Practice
It is important to regularly practice at home
SUBCATEGORY - Saifa History
Saifa is a world renown kata and hails from Okinawa
SUBCATEGORY - Saifa Lineage to GKR
GKR Karate derives its version from Japanese Goju
Learn More About Kumite
SUBCATEGORY - Grading Requirements for 6th Kyu Green Belt
Minimum requirement is 32 classes and 4 months

CATEGORY - Green Belt 6th Kyu

SUBCATEGORY - Introduction
Information about GKR Karate Green Belt 6th Kyu
SUBCATEGORY - What is Expected of You
Refine your Technique and Kata
SUBCATEGORY - Saifa Home Practice
It is important to practise regularly at home
SUBCATEGORY - Applying What You Know
Time to develop Bunkai knowledge
SUBCATEGORY - The Magic Is In The First Few Punches
We suddenly feel motivated to train
SUBCATEGORY - Class Wants and Needs
You wont always get what you want but you will get what you need
Learn More About Kumite
SUBCATEGORY - Grading Requirements For 5th Kyu Blue Belt
Minimum requirement is 40 classes and 5 months

CATEGORY - Blue Belt 5th Kyu

SUBCATEGORY - Introduction
Information about GKR Karate Blue Belt 5th Kyu
SUBCATEGORY - Introduction to Kata Bassai Dai
Bassai Dai introduces new Self Defence techniques
Front View Bassai Dai
SUBCATEGORY - Bassai Dai Technical Checklist VIDEO
Bassai Dai 4 to 7
Bassai Dai 12 to 15
Bassai Dai 16 to 17
Bassai Dai 21 to 23
Bassai Dai 30 to 32
SUBCATEGORY - Bassai Dai Technical Aspects and Self Defence
Karate techniques to equip a student for self defence
SUBCATEGORY - Bassai Dai History
Generally known as the oldest Kata of Okinawan Karate
SUBCATEGORY - Bassai Dai Lineage to GKR
GKR derives its Bassai Dai from Shotokan Karate
SUBCATEGORY - Blue Belt Blues
Blue Belt Blues
Learn More About Kumite
SUBCATEGORY - Grading Requirements for 4th Kyu Red Belt
What you need to know to grade to Red Belt 4th Kyu

CATEGORY - Red Belt 4th Kyu

SUBCATEGORY - Introduction
Information about GKR Karate Red Belt 4th Kyu
SUBCATEGORY - The Journey Continues
Your Kihon is expected to improve greatly
SUBCATEGORY - Developing a Greater Understanding of Kata
Grading to Brown Belt requires significant improvement
SUBCATEGORY - Bassai Dai Home Practice
It is important that you practise regularly at home
SUBCATEGORY - The Purpose of Kata Practice
Kata equips a student with principles of self defence
SUBCATEGORY - Beware of Your Autopilot
Karate is about constantly improving technique confidence and concentration
SUBCATEGORY - Red Belt Potholes
So you think youre not improving
Learn More About Kumite
SUBCATEGORY - Grading Requirements for 3rd Kyu Brown Belt
The minimum requirement is 50 classes and 6 months

CATEGORY - Brown Belt 3rd Kyu

SUBCATEGORY - Introduction
Information about GKR Karate Brown Belt 3rd Kyu
SUBCATEGORY - Remove Self Imposed Limitations
Its now time to ask more of yourself
SUBCATEGORY - Advanced Techniques
Brown Belts can use a number of advanced techniques during kumite
SUBCATEGORY - Introduction to Kata Seiunchin
Seiunchins combat range is closer than Saifas
Front View Seiunchin
SUBCATEGORY - Seiunchin Technical Checklists VIDEO
Seiunchin 1 to 9
Seiunchin 10 to 14
Seiunchin 15 to 19
Seiunchin 20 to 21
Seiunchin 22 to 27
Seiunchin 28 to 30
Seiunchin 36 37
SUBCATEGORY - Seiunchin Home Practice
When you practice go through the kata in super slow motion
SUBCATEGORY - Seiunchin History
Seiunchin was chosen to specifically follow Bassai Dai
SUBCATEGORY - Seiunchin Lineage to GKR
Kanryo Higaonna possibly developed the kata after training in China
Learn More About Kumite
SUBCATEGORY - Grading Requirements For 2nd Kyu Brown Belt
The minimum requirement is 50 classes and 6 months

CATEGORY - Brown Belt 2nd Kyu

SUBCATEGORY - Introduction
Information about GKR Karate Brown Belt 2nd Kyu
SUBCATEGORY - Maintain Progress
Instinctive But Not Mindless
SUBCATEGORY - Introduction to Kata Empi
Empi sees the return to Shuri te and Tomari te styled kata
Front View Empi
SUBCATEGORY - Empi Technical Checklists VIDEO
Empi 1 to 4
Empi 7 to 9
Empi 12 to 16
Empi 29 to 31
Empi 33 to 34
Empi 35
SUBCATEGORY - Empi Home Practice
Too often students aim to impress with their speed focus and effort
SUBCATEGORY - Empi History
Perhaps the oldest kata in all karate
SUBCATEGORY - Empi Lineage to GKR
Empi Lineage to GKR
Learn More About Kumite
SUBCATEGORY - Grading Requirements for 1st Kyu Brown Belt
The minimum requirement is 50 classes and 6 months

CATEGORY - Brown Belt 1st Kyu

SUBCATEGORY - Introduction
Information about GKR Karate Brown Belt 1st Kyu
SUBCATEGORY - Get On Track For Black Belt
Decide what you want
SUBCATEGORY - Introduction to Kata Sanseru
In Depth info about Sanseru
Front View Sanseru
SUBCATEGORY - Sanseru Technical Checklists VIDEO
Sanseru 1 to 4
Sanseru 5 to 6
Sanseru 7
Sanseru 8
Sanseru 14
Sanseru 16
Sanseru 17 to 18
Sanseru 22
SUBCATEGORY - Sanseru History
Sanseru was taught by Kanryo Higaonna
SUBCATEGORY - Sanseru Lineage to GKR
GKR derives its version from Goju
SUBCATEGORY - Introduction to Kata Sepai
Sepai is regarded as a beautiful kata
Sideview Sepai
Front View Sepai 1
Shari Sepai
SUBCATEGORY - Sepai Technical Checklists VIDEO
Sepai 1 to 9
Sepai 10 to 14
Sepai 15 to 18
Sepai 25 to 27
Sepai 31 to 33
SUBCATEGORY - Sepai History
Sepai was introduced by Higaonna to Naha te
SUBCATEGORY - Sepai Lineage to GKR
GKR Karate derives its version of Sepai from Goju
Learn More About Kumite
SUBCATEGORY - Grading Requirements For Shodan Ho
The minimum requirement is 50 classes and 6 months

CATEGORY - Black Belt Shodan Ho

SUBCATEGORY - A New Journey Begins
You are now Primed To Kick Your Karate Journey Into High Gear
SUBCATEGORY - Introduction to Kata Hangetsu
Hangetsu Dates Back to The Early 1700s
Front View Hangetsu 1
SUBCATEGORY - Hangetsu Technical Checklist VIDEO
Hangetsu 1 to 6
Hangetsu 7 to 9
Hangetsu 10 to 12
Hangetsu 13 to 18
Hangetsu 21 to 23
Hangetsu 27 to 28
SUBCATEGORY - Hangetsu Home Practice
Tips on How to Improve Your Hangetsu Kata at Home
SUBCATEGORY - Hangetsu History
Learn About The
SUBCATEGORY - Hangetsu Lineage to GKR
GKR Derives This Kata From Shotokan Karate
SUBCATEGORY - Advanced Techniques
As A Blackbelt You Are Now Permitted To Foot Sweep
SUBCATEGORY - Shodan Ho Kumite Tips
Learn more about Kumite
SUBCATEGORY - Grading Requirements for Shodan 1st Dan Black Belt
Grading requirements

CATEGORY - Black Belt 1st Dan

SUBCATEGORY - Focus On The Journey Not The Destination
Focus On The Journey Rather Than The Destination
SUBCATEGORY - Going From Good to Great
Going From Good To Great
SUBCATEGORY - A Black Belt Is Always A Black Belt
A Black Belt Is Always A Black Belt
SUBCATEGORY - Introduction to Kanku Dai and Kururunfa
Introduction to Kanku dai and Kururunfa
Kanku dai Hayley
SUBCATEGORY - History Of Kanku Dai
History Of Kanku dai
SUBCATEGORY - Kanku Dai Lineage to GKR
Kanku dai Lineage to GKR
Shari Kururunfa
SUBCATEGORY - History of Kururunfa
History of Kururunfa
SUBCATEGORY - Kururunfa Lineage to GKR
Kururunfa Lineage to GKR
SUBCATEGORY - Shodan Kumite Tips
Learn more about Kumite
SUBCATEGORY - Grading Requirements For Nidan 2nd Dan Black Belt
Grading Requirements For Nidan 2nd Dan Black Belt

CATEGORY - Black Belt 2nd Dan

SUBCATEGORY - Become A Knowledge Seeker
Become A Knowledge Seeker
SUBCATEGORY - Introduction to Shisochin
Introduction To Shisochin
Erkan Shisochin
Natasha Shisochin
Shisochin Team Kata
Pheobe Shisochin
SUBCATEGORY - Shisochin Lineage to GKR
Shisochin Lineage to GKR
SUBCATEGORY - Introduction to Kanku Sho
Introduction To Kanku sho
Craig Kanku Sho
Dean Kanku Sho
Glenn Kanku Sho
Jan Kanku Sho
Lachlan Kanku Sho
SUBCATEGORY - Kanku Sho Lineage to GKR
Kanku sho Lineage to GKR
SUBCATEGORY - Tips For Kata Progress
Tips For Kata Progress
SUBCATEGORY - Nidan Kumite Tips
Nidan Kumite Tips
SUBCATEGORY - Grading Requirements For Sandan 3rd Dan Black Belt
Grading Requirements For Sandan 3rd Dan Black Belt

CATEGORY - Black Belt 3rd Dan

SUBCATEGORY - Introduction to Kata Seisan
Seisan is introduced to GKR students at Sandan 3rd Dan
SUBCATEGORY - Seisan History
Seisan is possibly the oldest existing form in Okinawan Karate
Angela U Performing GKR Karate Kata Seisan
Dan Orange Performing GKR Karate Kata Seisan
Hayley C Performing GKR Karate Kata Seisan
Kristy B Performing GKR Karate Kata Seisan
Michelle Performing GKR Karate Kata Seisan
GRK Karate Seisan Team Kata
SUBCATEGORY - Introduction to Kata Sochin
Sochin is introduced to GKR Karate students at 3rd Dan Sandan
SUBCATEGORY - Sochin History
Information about GKR Karate Black Belt Kata Sochin
SUBCATEGORY - Sochin Lineage to GKR
Sochin Lineage to GKR
Claudine Sochin 05
Claudine Sochin 09
Kristy Sochin
SUBCATEGORY - Sandan Kumite Tips
Kumite Tips for GKR Karate 3rd Dan Sandan

MAIN MENU - TRAINING LOCATIONS - GKR Karate International Training Locations


MAIN MENU - ARTICLES - GKR Karate Articles

CATEGORY - History and Trivia

SUBCATEGORY - History and Trivia - Articles related to Karate History and Trivia
The Water Bearer
Martial Arts Trivia Karate A Secret Art Or Global Phenomena
GKRs 2007 Japan Trip
Martial Arts Trivia Shaolin
Martial Arts Trivia Okinawa
Did You Know Historical Karate Trivia
The Great Debate
The History Of Modern Karate
Karate And The Greeks

CATEGORY - Ethics and Values

SUBCATEGORY - Ethics and Values - Ethics and Values
What Makes A Great Karate ka
Karate Codes Life codes
Karate Hard Core Fighting Technique Or Passive Way Of Life
Karate Is Character In Action
Bushido Codes For Improved Living
Karate Jutsu Versus Karate do By Shihan Stacey Karetsian
GKR The Family Club
Discerning The Meaning Of Discipline
Karate A Modern Philosophy
What Is Karate Do
Is Karate Improving Your Life
Built On Strong Foundations By Shihan Stacey Karetsian

CATEGORY - Training

SUBCATEGORY - Mental Training - Articles related to Mental Training in GKR Karate
Train Like Everyone Is Watching
Your Greatest Teacher
In The Gathering Of Knowledge Inspiration Is Born
Sure fire Ways To Progress
Four Cups Of The Zen Master
Climbing Back Up The Mountain
Uncoordinated No Such Thing
The Truth Is In The Eye Of The Beholder
The Importance Of Self Awareness
Emptying Your Cup
SUBCATEGORY - Kata - Articles related to GKR Karate Kata
Understanding Kata And Its Relationship To Bunkai
Kata If Looks Could Kill
Advanced Kata Terminology
Kata Our Perception Of Perfection
Why Kata Is Integral
What Is Your Kata Aiming To Instil In You
Kata Secrets
The Power of Kata
Training For World Class Kata
Performing Your Best Kata When It Counts
SUBCATEGORY - Kumite - Kumite
Ashi Sabaki The Thorn In Your Side
Its All About Range
The Yins And Yangs Of Kumite
Playing The Percentages The Good And The Bad Of It
The Four Styles Of Kumite
Karates Hidden Weapons
Kumite More Than Sport
Improving Your Style Of Kumite
Do Martial Artists Get Better With Age
SUBCATEGORY - Grading - Grading
Overcoming A Karate Hangover
What It Means To Be A Black Belt
Black Belt Some Things Never Change
The Importance Of Self Awareness
Becoming A Black Belt
Grading Showing Your Best
Grading Im Not Worthy
Breaking Down The Barriers To Black Belt By Sensei Gavin Samin
SUBCATEGORY - Self Defence - Self Defence
SMART Self Defence Part 2
SMART Self Defence Part 1
Ashi Sabaki The Thorn In Your Side
Hikite Many Uses Of The Returning Hand
Its All About Range
Achieving Ikken Hisatsu
Self defence Dont Fear Your Fear
Even Our Bow Prepares Us For Self defence
Self Defence Deciding In Advance
Karates Ikken Hisatsu The One Strike Kill
The Basics Of Self Defence
Self Defence Within The Law
What Every Woman Should Know
Real Life Confrontation Self Defence Beyond Technique
SUBCATEGORY - Bunkai - Bunkai
Kata Secrets
Bunkai Doesnt Reveal Itself Immediately
Understanding Kata And Its Relationship To Bunkai
Hikite Many Uses Of The Returning Hand
SUBCATEGORY - Stances - Stances
Stances The Fundamental Foundation
Sumo And Horse Riding Stances
Enhance Your Stance And Tips On Hips
Pass The Datchi
Taking A Stance On Stances
SUBCATEGORY - Speed and Power - Speed and Power
One Strike Finish
Developing Explosive Speed Part 2
Developing Explosive Speed Part 1
The Magic Of Resistance Training
Karates Ikken Hisatsu
The Myth of Strength
SUBCATEGORY - Women - Women
Inspirational Warrior Women
Pregnancy And Karate
Women and Martial Arts
What Every Woman Should Know
Youre Good For A Girl
SUBCATEGORY - Advanced Terminology - Advanced Terminology
Advanced Terminology Body Parts Part 1
Advanced Tournament Terminology
Advanced Kumite Terminology
Advanced Defensive Terminology
Advance Attacking Terminology
Advanced Kata Terminology

CATEGORY - Health and Fitness

SUBCATEGORY - General Health - General Health
Vis Medicatrix Naturae
Improve Your Health and Fitness
Is Fatigue Controlling Your Life
Reaching Out Reaching In
The Natural Alternative
Detox Kits A Breakthrough Or Rip Off
Develop Karate That Is Smoking
When Time Eats Away So Can We
Massaging Your Aches and Pains Away
Why Its Time To Start Taking Multi Vitamins
Simple Health Tips To Longevity
Fitness Myths
The Magic Of Resistance Training
The Battle Of Fatigue
SUBCATEGORY - Diet and Nutrition - Diet and Nutrition
Handy Hints For A Mid Afternoon Energy Boost
Fuelling Your Karate
Are Your Cravings Holding You back
Cutting The Carbs
Unleash The Power Of Foods
We Have Always Known It But Fail To Apply It
The Dos and Donts Of Dieting
Nutrition Questions
Its Simple If You Train Regularly You Must Eat Healthy
Get More From Life By Getting More from Your Body
Increase Your Fibre Intake
Basic Components Of Health
Fat Its Not Just A Weight Issue Any More
Is It Healthier To Go Vegetarian
The Truth About Diet Drinks
Plate Management Equals Weight Management
The Good And The Bad On Chocolate
Simple Lifestyle Habits
Cell Malnutrition
Organic Versus Convention
SUBCATEGORY - Weight - Weight
Does Your Current Weight Concern You
The Spot Reduce Theory
Karate Weight Watchers
Take Control Of Your Metabolism
Why Arent I Losing Weight Faster
Is Binge Eating Impacting Your Life
Fat Its Not Just A Weight Issue Any More
Your Hormones And Your Weight
Weight Gain With Injuries
Supermans Affirmations For Weight Loss
How To Conquer Cravings
Breaking The Negative Cycle
Simple Weight Loss Tip
SUBCATEGORY - Injury and Illness - Injury and Illness
Martial Arts for Back Pain
Are You At Risk Of Injury
Beating Back Pain
Beat Coronary Heart Disease The Japanese Way
Steps To Prevent A Heart Attack
Playing Through Arthritis
Dealing With Arthritis
Coping With And Training Through Muscle Soreness
R I C E Injury Tip
Climbing Back Up The Mountain
Screening Our Screens
Weight Gain With Injuries
Core Is Where The Power Is
Making A Comeback
Injuries Prevention And Treatment
SUBCATEGORY - Mental Health - Mental Health
Healthy Mind Body And Spirit
Are You Using Karate To Fight Depression
Conquering Stress
Dont Worry Yourself To Death
Stress Is Something To Stress About
SUBCATEGORY - Breathing - Breathing
Breath Taking Karate
Breath The Easiest And Most Potent Health Tool
The Art Of Breathing


SUBCATEGORY - Achieving Success - Achieving Success
Excess Doesnt Always lead To Success
Take Responsibility
Think You Dont Have What It Takes To Win
New Years Resolution And The Power Of Change
Bushido Codes For Improved Living
Procrastination A Problem
The Most Essential Ingredient
Lifes Not A Chore
Financial Health It All Starts With A Dollar
Reigniting Your Motivation
Make Lasting Resolutions
Predicting The Future
Are You Sabotaging Your Own Success
Inner Demons That Hold You Back
Is Positive Thinking A Sham
Life Play To Win
If I Only Had More Time
SUBCATEGORY - Emotional Wellbeing - Emotional Wellbeing
Bored With Life
Inner Demons That Hold You Back
Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained
Inspirational Trivia
The Corn Farmer
Who Are You
Steer Clear Of The 21st Century
The Only Way To Lasting Change
Make Today Count
SUBCATEGORY - Happiness - Happiness
All I want Is To Be Happy
The Definition Of Frustration
Reaching Out Reaching In
Four Keys To Finding Happiness
The Search For Happiness
SUBCATEGORY - Life Lessons - Life Lessons
Lessons Of The Butterfly
Is Karate Improving Your Life
Expert Tips For Perserverance
You Always Reap What You Sow
Take Heed Of The Tiny Things
The Greatest Reality Show
The Wise Man
The Water Bearer
Lessons Of The Glass Container
The Lessons Of Henry Ford
SUBCATEGORY - Instructor Life Lessons - Instructor Life Lessons
Sensei Andrew Cook
Sensei Peter Durrant
Sensei Paul Bernthal
Sensei James Davey
Sensei Luke Carruthers
Sensei MichaelJames de Wyntre
Sensei Peter Larson
Sensei Glenn Hutchison
Sensei Andrew Ward
Sensei Mark Case
Sensei Bob McCracken
Shihan Stacey Karetsian Part 1
Shihan Stacey Karetsian Part 2


SUBCATEGORY - Kids Training Tips - Kids Training Tips
Practise Makes Perfect
Practice Makes Perfect Kata
Practise Makes Perfect Sparring Games
Practise Makes Perfect Home Training
Practise Makes Perfect Target Area Sparring
Practise Makes Perfect Puppet Masters
Practice Makes Perfect Games
Kids Tips For Tournaments
SUBCATEGORY - GKR Kids Profiles - GKR Kids Profiles
Bhavisha Patel
Ben Matthews
Stephanie Burfield
Jacob Simpson
Kaiser Ahmed
Rachel Jackson
Shannon Primmer
Taylah Stephens and Liam Devlin
John Baldwin and Celia Kelly
Bradley Hardingham
SUBCATEGORY - Kids At Home - Kids At Home
Hey Kids You Bored No Such Thing
Childhood Safety Can Be Dangerous
Brothers and Sisters Best Friends Or Adversaries
Our Grandparents Were Once Kids Too
The Two Most Powerful Words
SUBCATEGORY - Kids Health - Kids Health
Pre School Children and ADHD
Children And Nutrition
Sitting In Front Of The Computer
Tips To Healthier Kids
SUBCATEGORY - Tips For School - Tips For School
Dealing With Bullies
Helpful Homework Hints
Cheaters Never Win
Need Homework Help
SUBCATEGORY - Tips For Success - Tips For Success
Difficult Adults Start As Difficult Children
Career Kids
How To Shake Hands
Life Is A Choose Your Own Adventure Book

CATEGORY - Parenting

SUBCATEGORY - Raising Healthy Kids - Raising Healthy Kids
Is Playground Activity Enough For A Child
Healthy Children Grow Into Healthy Adults
Dont Drive Your Kids To Asthma
Childhood Safety Can Be Dangerous
Is It Just Puppy Fat
Sitting In Front Of The Computer
Tips To Healthier Kids
SUBCATEGORY - Parenting Tips - Parenting Tips
Managing At Home Helps Your Children
Raising Empathetic Children
Philosophies For Parenting And Relationships
Career Kids
Helpful Homework Hints
Brothers and Sisters Best Friends Or Adversaries
How To Shake Hands
The Two Most Powerful Words
Conquering Shyness
Tips To Deal With Tantrums
SUBCATEGORY - Tips For The Family - Tips For The Family
Designing A Family Budget
An Active Family Is A Happy Family
The Value Of Dining And Driving
Families That Play Together Stay Together

CATEGORY - Families

SUBCATEGORY - Families - Families
GKR The Family Club
GKR Bringing Families Together
SUBCATEGORY - The Family Club - The Family Club
The Lazar Family
The Tracey Family
The Marriot Family
The Zaloumes Family
The West Family
The Kristen Family
The Bounkeua Family
The Sparke Family
The Longley Family
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SUBCATEGORY - Inspirational Students - Inspirational Students
Maria Palacios
Lynda McConnell
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Kim Pierce
The Tansley Family
Donna Macness
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CATEGORY - Tournament Articles

SUBCATEGORY - Tournaments - Tournaments
Training For World Class Kata
Performing Your Best Kata When It Counts
Preparing For A Major Tournament
Develop Tournament Winning Kata
Tournament Karate Its A Mental Edge
Advanced Tournament Terminology
Kids Tips For Tournaments
Overcoming A Karate Hangover
SUBCATEGORY - Training for Champions - Training For Champions
Week 1 Psychology Volume 1
Week 2 Conditioning Volume 1
Week 3 Training Drills Volume 1
Week 4 Fighting Strategy Volume 1
Week 5 Psychology Volume 2
Week 6 Conditioning Volume 2
Week 7 Training Drills Volume 2
Week 8 Fighting Strategies Volume 2
Week 9 Psychology Volume 3
Week 10 Conditioning Volume 3
Week 11 Training Drills Volume 3
Week 12 Fighting Strategy Volume 3
Week 13 Psychology Volume 4
Week 14 Training Habits
Week 15 Training Drills Volume 4
Week 16 Fighting Strategy Volume 4
Week 17 Psychology Volume 5
Week 18 Fighting Strategy Volume 5
Week 19 Conditioning Volume 5
Week 20 Training Drills Volume 5
Week 21 Psychology Volume 6
Week 22 Conditioning Volume 6
Week 23 Training Drills Volume 6
Week 24 Fighting Strategy Volume 6
Week 25 Psychology Volume 7
Week 26 Conditioning Volume 7
Week 27 Training Drills Volume 7
Week 28 Fighting Strategy Volume 7
Week 29 Checklists For Champions Part 1
Week 30 Checklists For Champions Part 2
Week 31 Checklists For Champions
Week 32 Checklist 3 The Pick Off
Week 33 Checklist 4 The Multiple Combination Part 1
Week 34 Checklist 4 The Multiple Combination Part 2
Week 35 Checklist 4 The Multiple Combination Part 3
Week 36 Checklist 5 The Counter Attack Checklist


GKR Karate Tournament Information

SUBCATEGORY - Australia - Australia Upcoming
Victoria State Titles Sunday 17th September 2017
New South Wales State Titles Sunday 17th September 2017
Queensland State Titles 17th September 2017
South Australia State Titles 10th September 2017
Tasmanian State Titles Saturday 16th September 2017
Western Australia State Titles Sunday 17th September 2017
SUBCATEGORY - Australia Results - AUS Results
Adelaide Regional Tournament 270311
Australian National Championships 131110
NSW State Titles 190910
Sunshine Coast Regional Tournament 200316
Sydney Region 4 Tournament 240814
Australian National Championships 171112
Adelaide Region 9 Tournament 020416
Melbourne Region 8 and 20 Tournament 010516
Australian National Championships 231114
Tasmania Region 17 Tournament 260415
Melbourne Region 8 and 20 Tournament 220315
Melbourne Region 6 Tournament 290315
VIC State Titles 130915
Tasmania Regiona Tournament 190316
VIC Regional Tournament 240213
WA Regional Tournament 250312
QLD Regional Tournament 250312
Australian National Championships 191116
NSW Regional Tournament 300417
Geelong Regional Tournament 010913
Melbourne Region 8 20 Tournament 160815
Queensland Regional Tournament 290516
Australian National Championships 141115
Adelaide Region 9 Tournament 260317
Wollongong Regional Tournament 170814
NSW Regional Tournament 290712
NSW Regional Tournament 240313
Australian National Championships 191111
New South Wales State Tournament Results 170917
QLD State Titles 030612
Sunshine Coast Region 24 Tournament 150315
SA Regional Tournament 120616
Adelaide Region 9 Tournament 280615
Adelaide Region 9 Tournament 030814
Sydney Regional Tournament 010810
Brisbane Regional Tournament 010810
Melbourne Regional Tournament 180710
Sydney Regional Tournament 200610
Adelaide Regional Tournament 060610
Brisbane Regional Tournament 060610
Perth Regional Tournament 160510
Melbourne Regional Tournament 160510
Sydney Regional Tournament 280310
Adelaide Regional Tournament 280310
Perth Regional Tournament 210310
Sunshine Coast Regional Tournament 210310
Melbourne Regional Tournament 140310
Australian National Championships 141109
SA State Titles 270909
NSW State Titles 200909
WA State Titles 200909
VIC State Titles 200909
QLD State Titles 200909
TAS State Titles 200909
Sydney Regional Tournament 190709
Geelong Regional Tournament 050709
Adelaide Regional Tournament 280609
Queensland Regional Tournament 210609
Launceston Regional Tournament 210609
Sydney Regional Tournament 240509
Melbourne Regional Tournament 170509
Adelaide Regional Tournament 170509
Brisbane Regional Tournament 050409
Melbourne Regional Tournament 050409
Central Coast Regional Tournament 050409
Perth Regional Tournament 220309
Launceston Regional Tournament 220309
SA State Titles
GKR08 AUS Championships 151108
SA State Titles 210908
QLD State Championships 140908
WA State Titles 140908
NSW State Championships 140908
SA Regional Tournament 270708
VIC Regional Tournament 260708
VIC Regional Tournament 220608
WA Regional Tournament 220608
NSW Regional Tournament 220608
QLD Regional Tournament 220608
QLD Regional Tournament 300308
Australian Championships 241107
VIC State Titles 230907
QLD State Championships 230907
SA State Championships 220907
NSW State Titles 220907
TAS State Titles 220907
QLD Regional Tournament 220707
NSW Regional Tournament 080707
WA Regional Tournament 230607
TAS Regional Tournament 230607
SA Regional Tournament 060507
TAS Regional Tournament 140407
QLD Regional Tournament 010407
WA Regional Tournament 250307
VIC Regional Tournament 250307
NSW Regional Tournament 250307
Australasian Championships 161206
WA State Tournament 111106
Tasmanian Regional Tournament 071006
NSW State Tournament 170906
QLD State Tournament 170906
SA Regional Tournament 160906
QLD Regional Tournament 230706
WA Regional Tournament 220706
NSW Regional Tournament 180606
VIC Regional Tournament 180606
TAS Regional Tournament 280506
SA Regional Tournament 010406
VIC Regional Tournament 010406
QLD Regional Tournament 260306
NSW Regional Tournament 260306
WA Regional Tournament 250306
TAS Regional Tournament 250905
NSW State Tournament 180905
QLD State Tournament 280805
VIC Regional Tournament 270805
WA Regional Tournament 030705
NSW Regional Tournament 260605
QLD Regional Tournament 190605
VIC Regional Tournament 180605
TAS Regional Tournament 290505
QLD Regional Tournament 200305
NSW Regional Tournament 200305
VIC Regional Tournament 190305
WA Regional Tournament 190305
Australasian Championships 201104
WA Regional Tournament 091004
NSW State Tournament 190904
QLD State Tournament 190904
VIC State Tournament 040904
TAS Regional Tournament 310704
WA Regional Tournament 030704
NSW Regional Tournament 270604
QLD Regional Tournament 200604
VIC Regional Tournament 190604
SA Regional Tournament 130604
WA Regional Tournament 030404
QLD Regional Tournament 280304
NSW Regional Tournament 280304
VIC Regional Tournament 270304
Australasian Championships 301103
Melbourne Region 8 Tournament 030814
VIC Regional Tournament 010614
Sydney Regional Tournament 240711
SA Regional Tournament 170612
Perth Regional Tournament 220511
Sydney Regional Tournament 150511
Brisbane Regional Tournament 240711
Tournament Results State Titles 170917
NSW Regional Tournament 270311
Brisbane Region 10 and 11 Tournament 030814
Perth Regional Tournament 270311
QLD State Titles 190910
SA State Titles 190910
Sydney Regional Tournament 200311
TAS State Titles 190910
VIC State Titles 190910
WA State Titles 190910
Sydney R1 and 2 Tournament 310716
Sunshine Coast Regional Tournament 200311
Hobart Regional Tournament 150511
Melbourne Regional Tournament 220511
Adelaide Regional Tournament 290511
VIC State Titles 140914
QLD Regional Tournament 300314
Melbourne Regional Tournament 060311
Brisbane Regional Tournament 290511
NSW State Titles 180911
QLD State Titles 180911
SA State Titles 250911
VIC State Titles 180911
Geelong Regional Tournament 240711
TAS State Titles 180911
Geelong Regional Tournament 200512
SA Regional Tournament 010412
VIC Regional Tournament 010412
TAS Regional Tournament 170717
QLD Regional Titles
QLD Regional Tournament 050812
NSW Regional Tournament 200512
NSW State Titles 160912
QLD State Titles 160912
SA State Titles 230912
TAS State Titles 160912
QLD Regional Tournament 260513
Sunshine Coast Regional Tournament 300314
QLD Regional Tournament 170313
Victorian Regional Tournament 260513
NSW Regional Tournament 260513
TAS State Titles 100916
TAS State Titles 271013
QLD State Titles 271013
NSW Regional Tournament 080913
SA State Titles 201013
NSW State Titles 201013
VIC State Titles 261013
Australian National Championships 071213
Sunshine Coast Regional Tournament 030814
Sydney Region 3 Tournament 300314
Wollongong Region 17 Tournament 060414
Canberra Region 16 Tournament
Adelaide Region 9 Tournament 060414
Melbourne Region 7 Tournament 060414
Sydney Region 1 Tournament 300314
Perth Region 12 and 13 Tournament 300314
Melbourne Region 7 Tournament 100814
Sydney Regional Tournament 290315
Sydney Region 3 Tournament 200316
Melbourne Region 7 Tournament 290315
TAS Region 18 Tournament 280615
Wollongong Region 17 Tournament 280315
Adelaide Region 9 Tournament 290315
Sydney Regional Tournament 290315
Sydney Region 4 Tournament 220315
Melbourne Region 5 and 7 Tournament 100515
Wollongong Region 17 Tournament 170416
Queensland Regional Tournament 210615
QLD State Titles 200915
Sydney Region 4 Tournament 260415
Melbourne Region 7 Tournament 020815
Wollongong Region 17 Tournament 260715
Melbourne Region 6 Tournament 230815
SA State Titles 130915
Sydney Region 4 Tournament 050616
TAS State Titles 120915
Tasmania Regional Tournament 250616
SA State Titles 180916
Sunshine Coast Regional Tournament 310716
Brisbane R10 and 29 Tournament 310716
Wollongong Region 17 Tournament 310716
QLD State Titles 040916
VIC State Titles 110916
SUBCATEGORY - New Zealand - Upcoming New Zealand
The Events in New Zealand
SUBCATEGORY - New Zealand Results - NZ Results
Christchurch Regional Tournament 160416
Christchurch Regional Tournament 230313
Wellington Regional Tournament 090313
Christchurch Regional Tournament 020515
Christchurch Regional Tournament 181014
Wellington Regional Tournament 250312
New Zealand National Championships 150511
Auckland Regional Tournament 090416
Auckland Regional Tournament 270310
Wellington Regional Tournament 140310
New Zealand National Championships 171009
Christchurch Regional Tournament 080809
Wellington Regional Tournament 020809
Auckland Regional Tournament 010809
Christchurch Regional Tournament 160509
Auckland Regional Tournament 090509
Wellington Regional Tournament 210309
GKR08 NZ Championships 181008
Christchurch Regional Tournament 140908
Wellington Regional Tournament 300808
Auckland Regional Tournament 260708
Christchurch Tournament 150608
Wellington Tournament 240508
Auckland Regional Tournament 050508
NZ Championships 271007
Christchurch Regional Tournament 080907
Auckland Tournament Round 2 250807
Wellington Regional Tournament 180807
Wellington Regional Tournament 120507
Christchurch Regional Tournament 050507
Auckland Regional Tournament 310307
Auckland Regional Tournament 281006
Auckland Regional Tournament 280506
Auckland Regional Tournament 200805
Auckland Regional Tournament 190305
Auckland Regional Tournament 160804
Christchurch Regional Tournament 290314
Auckland Tournament Round 2 110611
Christchurch Regional Tournament 210511
Auckland Tournament Round 2 150810
Auckland Regional Tournament 200211
Christchurch Regional Tournament 070810
New Zealand National Championships 161010
Wellington Regional Tournament 050311
Wellington Regional Tournament 210810
Wellington Regional Tournament 150511
Christchurch Regional Tournament 050915
Christchurch Regional Tournament 310312
Auckland Regional Tournament 050512
Wellington Regional Tournament 010712
Christchurch Regional Tournament 160612
Auckland Regional Tournament 160313
Auckland Tournament Round 2 280712
New Zealand National Championships 271012
Wellington Regional Tournament 030813
New Zealand National Championships 191013
Wellington Regional Tournament 130414
Auckland Regional Tournament 300314
Hamilton Regional Tournament 140614
Wellington Regional Tournament 300814
Christchurch Regional Tournament 270714
Auckland Regional Tournament 210914
New Zealand National Championships 161114
New Zealand National Championships 171015
SUBCATEGORY - United Kingdom - United Kingdom Upcoming
North London Regional Titles 2017
South London Regional Titles 2017
Central Regional Titles 2017
Northern Regional Titles 2017
SUBCATEGORY - United Kingdom Results - UK Results
Southern Zone Regional Tournament 260212
WC8 Qualifier Event Southern Zone 230515
Eastern Zone Regional Titles 190915
Eastern Zone Regional Tournament 250212
UK National Championships 171112
Eastern Zone Regional Tournament
Northern Regional Tournament 110616
United Kingdom National Championships 191116
Northern Zone Regional Tournament 040317
Midlands REgional Tourmament 040317
South West Regional Titles 170916
Eastern Zone Regional Tournament 250616
Northern Zone National Qualifiers 190909
Eastern Zone Regional Tournament 200413
Southern Zone Regional Tournament WC Qualifier 100411
UK National Championships 151109
Eastern Zone Regional Tournament 140614
Southern Zone National Qualifiers 170911
Northern Zone Regional Tournament 250212
Eastern Zone Regional Tournament 200713
Northern Zone National Qualifiers 150912
Eastern Zone National Qualifiers 200914
Northern Zone Regional Tournament 280215
Central Zone Regional Tournament 210614
Hull Regional Tournament 250710
Southern Zone Regional Tournament 180710
Bradford Regional Tournament 030710
Reading Regional Tournament 030710
Birmingham Regional Tournament 050610
Southern Zone Regional Tournament 230510
Reading Regional Tournament 170410
Bradford Regional Tournament 030410
Essex Regional Tournament 140310
Birmingham Regional Tournament 270210
Eastern Zone National Qualifiers 190909
Southern Zone National Qualifiers 190909
Hull Regional Tournament 260709
Southern Zone Regional Tournament 260709
Reading Regional Tournament 040709
Manchester Regional Tournament 210609
Birmingham Regional Tournament 060609
London Regional Tournament 060609
Reading Regional Tournament 090509
Hertfordshire Regional Tournament 040409
Leeds Regional Tournament 280309
Birmingham Regional Tournament 280209
GKR08 UK Championships 161108
Central Zone National Qualifier 130908
Eastern Zone National Qualifier 130908
Northern Zone National Qualifier 130908
Southern Zone Tournament
Birmingham Regional Tournament 050708
Kent Regional Tournament 050708
Northern Zone Regional Tournament 280608
Southern Zone Tournament 060408
Northern Zone Tournament 050408
Reading Regional Tournament 050408
Central Zone Tournament 010308
UK Championships 251107
Central Zone Qualifying Tournament 220907
Northern Zone Qualifying Tournament 220907
Eastern Zone Qualifying Tournament 220907
Hull Regional Tournament 020907
Kent Regional Tournament 210707
Northern Zone World Cup Qualifier 210407
Eastern Zone World Cup Qualifier 210407
Central Zone World Cup Qualifier 210407
Southern Zone World Cup Qualifier 210407
Reading Regional Tournament 100307
London Regional Tournament 040307
Birmingham Regional Tournament 030307
Manchester Regional Tournament 030307
UK National Titles 111106
Central Zone Qualifying Tournament 230906
Northern Zone Qualifying Tournament 230906
Southern Zone Qualifying Tournament 230906
Eastern Zone Qualifying Tournament 230906
Birmingham Regional Tournament 150706
Leeds Regional Tournament 020706
London Regional Tournament 180606
Southampton Regional Tournament 170606
Leicester Regional Tournament 280506
Leeds Regional Tournament 020406
Reading Regional Tournament 250306
Birmingham Regional Tournament 180306
London Regional Tournament 110306
UK National Titles 261105
Eastern Zone Qualifying Tournament 240905
Northern Zone Qualifying Tournament 240905
Southern Zone Qualifying Tournament 240905
Central Zone Qualifying Tournament 240905
Southampton Regional Tournament 030705
Birmingham Regional Tournament 020705
Leeds Regional Tournament 190605
London Regional Tournament 190605
Leicester Regional Tournament 140505
Reading Regional Tournament 090405
Leeds Regional Tournament 200305
London Regional Tournament 200305
Birmingham Regional Tournament 050305
UK National Championships 211104
Regional Championships London 250904
Reading Regional Championships 250904
Birmingham Regional Championships 250904
Leeds Regional Championships 250904
London Regional Tournament 040704
Birmingham Regional Tournament 030704
Newcastle Tournament 050604
London Regional Tournament 090504
UK Central Zone Tournament 060304
UK National Titles 301103
Central Regional Tournament 170717
Central Zone Regional Tournament 240312
Central Zone Regional Tournament 030313
Eastern Zone Regional Tournament 090612
North and East London Zone Tournament
South Eastern Regional Titles
West London Regional Tournament 220511
Barnsley Regional Tournament WC Qualifier 100411
Birmingham Regional Tournament WC Qualifier 100411
Birmingham Regional Tournament 060311
Bradford Regional Tournament 260211
Central Zone National Qualifiers 190910
Eastern Zone National Qualifiers 120910
Eastern Zone WC Qualifier 100411
Essex Regional Tournament 060211
Northern Zone National Qualifiers 180910
Slough Regional Tournament 060311
Southern Zone Regional Tournament 180910
UK National Championships 201110
East London Regional Tournament 220511
Bradford Regional Tournament 280511
Southern Zone Regional Tournament 220215
UK National Championships 191111
Northern Zone National Qualifiers 170911
Central Zone National Qualifiers 190911
Northern Zone Regional Titles 190915
Northern Zone Regional Tournament 170617
Central Zone Regional Tournament 090612
Bradford Regional Tournament 100612
Central Zone National Qualifiers 150912
Birmingham Regional Tournament 010613
Southern Zone Regional Tournament 070413
Northern Zone Regional Tournament 090313
Northern Zone Regional Tournament 010613
Central Zone National Qualifiers 210913
Southern Zone Regional Tournament 010613
Central Regional Titles 170916
Southern Zone National Qualifiers 140913
Northern Zone National Qualifiers 140913
South Western Zone National Qualifiers 140913
Central Zone Regional Tournament 080314
UK National Championships 231113
Northern Zone Regional Tournament 140614
Northern Zone National Qualifiers 200914
Southern Zone Regional Tournament 010314
Northern Zone Regional Tournament 010314
Southern Zone National Qualifiers 200914
UK National Championships 221114
Southern Zone Regional Titles 190915
UK National Championships 211115
WC8 Qualifier Event Northern Zone 090515
WC8 Qualifier Event EasternZone 160515
Eastern Zone Regional Tournament 220215
Central Zone Regional Tournament 280215
WC8 Qualifier Event Central Zone 090515
Central Zone Regional Titles 190915
Midlands Regional Tournament 050316
South East Regional Tournament 060316
Northern Regional Titles 270216
Northern Regional Titles 170916
16 September 2017 – Central Regional Titles
North East London Regional Titles 2017
North London Regional Titles 2017
South West London Regional Titles 2017
United Kingdom National Championships 2017
South West London Regional Tournament 2017
North East London Regional Tournament 2017
North East London Regional Tournament Feb 2017
SUBCATEGORY - USA Results - USA Results
SUBCATEGORY - World Cup - WC Upcoming
The World Cup in Australia
SUBCATEGORY - World Cup Results - World Cup Results
World Cup 2 2003 310503
World Cup 1 2001 240301
World Cup 3 2005 291005
World Cup 4 2007 020607
World Cup 5 2009 150809
World Cup 6 2011 090711
World Cup 7 2013 190713
World Cup 8 2015 030715

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